Free Feelings Wheel Coloring page and Printable (For Kids and Adults)

emotions wheel
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The Feelings Wheel is a valuable tool for understanding and expressing emotions. When combined with the interactive element of coloring, it becomes a fun and engaging activity. Here’s what you need to start with feelings wheel coloring page and printable and some creative ways to use it. I hope that you can discover the great power of regular creative practice. 

Instructions for Feelings Wheel Coloring Page and Printable 

Here are some instructions of what you need to start with feelings wheel.

  1. Collect crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Choose a variety of colors to represent different emotions. Begin coloring each segment of the wheel.
  2. Assign different colors to different emotions. Enjoy the process and reflect on each emotion as you color.
  3. Look at the completed wheel and identify the emotions you often feel. Use the colored segments to help recognize and name these emotions.
  4. Reflect on your emotional patterns. Discuss your feelings with a friend, family member, or therapist. Use the wheel to communicate your emotions more clearly.
feelings wheel coloring mockup
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Feel free to explore any or all of the groups below. You can work on these alone for some meditative inner work or bring them along to enjoy with your friends. If your kids are bored, print these out for a quick and easy project they can do by themselves or with you.

Use your creations to decorate a wall or keep them in your journal. There are so many ways to utilize these. Keep them on hand for last-minute gift tags or as a printable activity for your kids! I hope they bring joy to your family celebrations or your personal journaling and crafting time.

These downloads are meant for personal use only. However, if you are interested in using them for commercial use, or have any questions please reach out to me here.

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