4 Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards for Kids

Valentines Coloring Cards for Kids set mocked up
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Have your kids create something special and personalized this heart filled holiday with these 4 FREE Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards for kids. The finished size for each of these designs is a standard 5 x 5 inch folded card. 

You can work on this together as a project or use them in your classroom or even your holiday party! Let the children pick out the cards they like best. They can add their special touch to give to their loved ones this Valentine’s Day! Just print, add color, your special message and a bit of love!

An Opportunity to Appreciate Someone You Love

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to pause and let those special people in our lives know some of the wonderful things we love about them. Whether it is Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle, Teacher or anyone your child wants to recognize, these cards are free for you to print and cut for your project. Add some color with crayons, markers and then if you are feeling sparkly, you could try some glitter! We don’t have to spend a lot of money to share something deeply meaningful with the people we love. 

Valentines Coloring Cards for Kids set mocked up set of 2
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Create with Love and Share Your Joy

If you know anything about me, then you are aware that I preach about the incredible benefits of a creative practice in your life. Engaging in something creative allows us to enter a flow state and this activates those “feel good” hormones that creates calm, lowers stress and just makes us feel good over all. The benefits are exponential when we are creating with someone in mind. By engaging in “making” the receiver will have a lovely keepsake and the giver will benefit from having made it!

Valentines Coloring Cards for Kids set mocked up set of 2
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Click the images below to be taken to the download page. From there you can download the image. Then you will find the image located in your “Downloads” folder on your computer.

Download one or all 4 and use them as you need this Valentine’s season. I only ask that you not resell these or use them for commercial use. If you are interested in this, please reach out to me here.

If you are looking for more cards for Valentine’s Day. You might want to check out this one. Just download, print and cut!

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