Free Printable Affirmation Cards

We all have days where we feel like things just aren’t going right. Even if things are humming along smoothly, it can always get better-am I right? Lately, the world feels more and more unpredictable, so in order to find a bit more peace and calm, I started to surround myself with these reminders. They have helped me so much to focus on the positive things inside and outside of me.  In this blog article, you will find 30 Printable Affirmation Cards designed by my with love to encourage you on your way to make the most of every single day. There is nothing more fulfilling than making tools and resources that you can use to make each day a little bit better.

Why affirmation cards anyway? Do they even work? Yes! They sure do! Affirmation cards are a simple way to remind yourself of those good things that are surround you in the present moment. They can be used to boost your mood, increase your motivation, or just help you get through a tough day. That is why I developed a full month of beautiful free affirmation cards for you to print and use and have and reuse throughout the year. With these free affirmation card templates you can start each day on a more positive note. Every card has a unique positive statement to help you let in good vibes and possibility. By spending only a few minutes a day with these positive affirmation cards, you are sure to increase your overall positive thoughts and experiences over time. But, remember consistency is key to make a big impact! I have found that by using my cards regularly, I spend less time living in the past and more time in the present tense and this intern helps me to feel more gratitude for the things I have in my life right now.

30 Days of Free Printable Affirmation Cards

Affirmation Card Postcard Mockup
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Print them and pick one in the morning. Focus on that affirmation for the day and remind yourself of specific examples of that affirmation in your own life. 

They’re easy to use, and offer a variety of benefits. So why not give them a try? You may also surprise at how much of a difference they make!

Affirmation Card Deck Mock 7
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Here are just a few benefits you can get from regular use of self-affirmation cards:

  1. Boost self-esteem and confidence
  2. Enhance self-love and self-care
  3. Help to reduce stress and anxiety
  4. Encourage positive thinking and a more optimistic outlook
  5. Motivate you to reach your goals
  6. Improve your relationships
  7. Help you to cope with difficult situations
  8. Foster a sense of self-compassion
  9. Boost your immune system
  10. Find a bit more peace

Feel free to download some or all of the cards. You can print them on card stock and use them to start or end your day. Or, these can be printed and used as post cards to send a note to a friend or print them and place them around your house to surround yourself with encouraging reminders. If you like, you can leave one side blank, but I have provided a design for the front of the card if you prefer to have the card deck finished on both sides. I keep mine in a cloth bag next to my bed to use before I go to sleep.

These are meant for personal use only. If you are interested in a commercial license for these items, please reach out to me here  and I would love to give you the details.

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