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Spring marks the transition from cold, grey skies to warmer weather, longer days, and the emergence of new life. It is a time of new beginnings and the hope of long days filled with sun, friends and more time outside.  As we welcome the season of blooming flowers and warmer weather, Easter is also just around the corner. While it’s a perfect time to spend with your loved ones, preparing for this festive day can be overwhelming at times too. This is why I’m here to lighten your load a little bit. In this blog post, I’m giving you access to Free Printable Easter Gift Tags and Digital Stickers that you can use to decorate your Easter baskets and gifts, as well as your cards, crafts or table decorations.

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1. Free Printable Easter Gift Tags

These gift tags come in 9 different designs that perfectly capture the essence of Easter – from cute bunnies to colorful eggs, to religious images. You can print them out and handwrite the name of the recipient and a special message. These tags can be used brighten up your Easter Baskets or gifts!

2. Digital Stickers

On top of the gift tags, I also created 26 digital stickers just for you! These can be used for your Easter crafting, journaling, scrapbooking or anything to add an extra festive touch. These stickers feature colorful Easter designs that are bright and fun for both kids and adults. They come in a PNG format, which means that you can use them as a cut file, sublimation project or leave them digital and import them into your digital planner.

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3. Personalization Tips

To make the most out of these gift tags and stickers, here are some fun ideas that will make your Easter celebration extra special. For the gift tags, try using different color markers or ink pens to make the name of the recipient stand out. You can also add a ribbon or a string to make them look more festive. For the digital stickers, you can use them to decorate your digital journal or scrapbook where you document all your Easter memories.

4. DIY Easter Crafts

If you’re feeling more eager, you can take these gift tags and stickers to the next level by incorporating them into your DIY Easter crafts. For example, you can use the stickers to make an Easter-themed card where the gift tag serves as a personal note for the recipient. You can also print out the stickers in different sizes. Also you can create a collage that you can frame or stick on your wall.

Easter is a time for new beginnings and a celebration of life. With the Printable Easter Gift Tags and Digital Stickers, you can add a personalized touch to your Easter baskets, gifts, table decorations. You can even add them to your personal creative projects. So download the stickers and print out the gift tags now, and let the Easter celebration begin!

Free Easter Printables

Download one or all and use them to remind. Also use them to brighten your holiday or engage with these for something you create. I only ask that you not resell these or use them for commercial use. If you are interested in this, please reach out to me here.

Thank you for being here!

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