Free Autumn Phone Wallpapers

2 *FREE* fall wallpapers to dress up your phone.

It is easy to understand that big surprises can make you feel amazing, but the little surprises have a special sweet charm and excitement all their own. For me, it can be having the ability to open the windows and let fresh air pour into my home after a hot summer and constant air conditioning. There is the surprise text from my college age son that says, “hi mom, I just wanted to say I miss you,” or putting on a new pair of socks (there is just something comforting about a new pair of socks). 

Of all the seasons of the year, Fall holds the most of these special little surprises. If you are like me, there is nothing better than those first days when the weather is both warm yet slightly crisp and cool. It is a wonderful time to take in a few walks and watch the leaves change. Even though I find myself very busy with more reasons to stay home, I peel myself away to see, feel, hear and smell a little bit of this precious season. So, now it is my turn. I would like to offer you a little surprise. I have made these wallpapers especially for you. Feel free to download them and give your phone a little pick me up this season. (I know, they aren’t exactly socks, but at least you don’t have to worry these will eventually smell up your phone). 

Remember to breathe and try to walk slow through nature at least once this week. It is so good for the soul.

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