About Us

Hey there!  My name is Eliza (Elizabeth) Todd and I am an artist/illustrator and owner of A Peace of Work.  Creating art has been a passion for me as long as I can remember.  As an introvert, I have always craved a bit of time and space that was all my own where I could express, imagine and process the world around me.  Art and creativity has given me a special way to engage with the world and connect with others.  I believe everyone’s soul desires to be creative, whatever the medium: music, art, theater, cooking, writing, entrepreneurship, social service, etc.  Creativity gives us the opportunity to process, grow, understand and engage with our world in new and exciting ways.  I love combining words and pictures in a way that hopefully brings a bit of hope and encouragement to the world and reminds us all we are just humans working out life in our own way and time.  I live just north of Chicago with my husband, 2 grown sons and my office mate and favorite furry guy, Champ.